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Playing and Learning IoT, AI

Robotics Coding by Yourself


Ideal educational tool

Easy journey into the world of programming


Items you can play

Let’s join the best STEAM education than ever.


Play & learn

Ideal educational tool for an easy journey into the world of programming, as it is about playing, learning and interaction, where many applications and functionalities in programming are introduced in an easy-to-understand package.


Code-learning simple and fun

For those who may be contemplating or interested in learning about robotics. Allows kids to learn anytime, just like a Rubik’s Cube, and anywhere.

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Toys for learning


Our R&D team

consisted mostly of science teachers and electrical engineers, has always strived to develop a fun and interesting way to learn about programming, as our educational products are created to be simple and easy to teach for schools, and to comprehend for kids.


Programming courses

Over the past few years, we have accumulated more experiences in programming education, which is precisely why we created


Good for children

Children may strengthen their problem-solving ability by their own calculation and records.

Get your robots!

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